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How to Clean a Krups Coffee Maker

How to Clean a Krups Coffee Maker (All Models)

A Krups coffee maker can make great coffee, but if it’s used every day, it should be cleaned once a month. A key step in making great coffee is cleaning the coffee maker.

Coffee brewers are used almost every day, so they get dirty. Coffee grounds include oils that can alter the flavor of freshly brewed coffee. It is simple to clean these Krups coffee makers.

This post will show you how to clean a Krups coffee maker. Please follow the steps and directions below because it includes both cleaning and descaling:

How to Clean a Krups Coffee Machine

When you’re done making coffee, you should quickly clean your coffee maker to keep it in good shape. Here’s how to take care of your coffee maker every day:

  1. Take the water tank and carafe apart and clean them.
  2. Remove the drip tray, wash it in warm, soapy water, rinse it thoroughly, and then let it air dry.
  3. Remove the coffee ground collector’s filter with a pair of pliers, wash them both, and then dry them.
  4. Use a soapy towel to clean the machine, then dry it with another damp cloth.

All KRUPS coffee makers may be maintained similarly to keep them looking good and brewing efficiently. However, every machine will occasionally require descaling.

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How to Clean Krups Espresso Coffee Maker?

Step1. Clean the Machine

  1. Before cleaning, unplug the machine and let it cool down to avoid getting hurt.
  2. Use a clean, moist towel to wipe the machine’s exterior.
  3. Don’t use cleaners that are rough or harsh.
  4. Only use dish soap that is gentle and warm water.
  5. Before reinstalling the water tank in the machine after each usage, rinse it off and empty it.

Descaling is required when a fine coating of white powder begins to build on the tank’s surface.

Step2. Clean the Drip Tray

When using the machine, always remember to empty the drip tray. The drip tray containing water is normal and does not indicate a leak.

  1. Pull the tray out of the machine by lifting it just a little. The drip tray must be emptied every few espresso shots to prevent overflow if several are made successively. Red warnings of the impending overflow will rise to the surface of the drip tray to serve as a gentle but firm reminder that it needs to be emptied.
  2. Warm water and a mild dishwashing product can wash the metal tray and the compartment.
  3. Rinse the drip tray well and let it dry before putting it back in the machine.
  4. Make sure to fully enclose the drip tray when replacing it to prevent leaks.

Step3. Clean the Brewing Head and Filter Holder

You should clean the brewing head and filter every time you use your coffee maker.

  • Use a clean, damp cloth to wipe the brew head.
  • Use warm water and mild dish soap to clean the filter holder.
  • Avoid using products that are too abrasive or too strong.
  • Hold the device under running water and repeatedly press the “EJECT” button to flush out any last bits of espresso grounds.
  • To clean it better, take the filter holder apart: Pull and turn to the left to remove the black plastic piece with the coffee ports and the “EJECT” button.
  • Rinse the different parts well before putting them back together.
  • Put the black plastic pieces back in place and turn to the right until the two arrows line up.
  • If the coffee maker’s brewing head is very clogged:
    • Use a screwdriver to unscrew the grid.
    • Well, rinse and dry.
    • Switch it out in the machine.

Step4. Clean the Nozzle

  1. To clean the frothing nozzle, unclip it by pulling the black ring down.
  2. Clean it thoroughly, and separate it into three parts: the inner, outer, and stainless-steel shield.
  3. Remove the inner tube by unscrewing the end of the nozzle and then removing the stainless shield.
  4. Wash all three parts with warm, running water and, if necessary, a small mild dishwashing liquid.
  5. Wash well and let dry completely before putting back together.
  6. Put the frothing nozzle back on the steam wand by pressing it gently upward until it clicks into place, making sure the black plastic ring is facing down.

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How to Clean a Krups Automatic Coffee Maker?

When the Krups appliance needs to be cleaned, the “clean” indicator lights up. Cleaning needs to be done about every 360 times it is used.

To run this cleaning program, you will need a KRUPS cleaning tablet and a recipient with a minimum 0.6-liter capacity that can fit below the coffee tube.

Three phases make up the automatic cleaning program: one cleaning cycle and two rinse cycles. The show is about 20 minutes long. To run the cleaning program on an automatic Krups coffee maker, do the following:

  1. Press the button that says “Service.” The lights that say “clean” and “empty” will flash.
  2. Fill the water tank, empty the used coffee collector, and wipe the cleaning drawer.
  3. Open the cover for maintenance. Submerge the maintenance cover and slide the cleaning tablet inside.
  4. To start the cleaning program, press the “Service” button. The light that says “clean” will stay on. The pump only works occasionally when the cleaning cycle is running.
  5. When the cleaning process is complete, the “clean” light will begin flashing again. Remove the empty container from the coffee machine and replace it under the steam nozzle.
  6. Press the button that says “Service.” The light that says “clean” will stay on. The first cycle of rinsing starts and runs on its own. It enables the removal of the remaining cleaning agent from the equipment. About 5 minutes pass in this first cycle.
  7. When the second rinsing cycle is done, the “clean” indicator light will go out. Take the gift out of the box and empty it. Fill the water tank and empty the drip tray.

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KRUPS Cleaning Tablets for Fully Automatic Coffee Makers

Krups Cleaning Tablets are made to be used with fully automatic Krups coffee makers like the EA82 and EA9000. Using the cleaning tablets is a breeze with fully automated models because they guide you through the procedure.

Each cleaning needs one tablet, and each pack has 10 tablets. You don’t need to keep track of the number of espressos or coffees you produce because the Krups machine will send you a reminder after every 360.

How to Clean Nespresso KRUPS Coffee Machine

Once you know how dealing with a Nespresso KRUPS coffee maker is simple. Just adhere to these guidelines:

  1. Open the hatch, pull out the coffee pod, and empty its holder.
  2. Comply with the Nespresso Descaling Solution’s directions.
  3. Put a container holding as much water as the reservoir can under the outlet.
  4. Press the “Espresso” and “Lungo” buttons for three seconds. Each LED will start blinking, which means that the scaling mode has started.
  5. Choose “Lungo” and wait until the cycle ends and the reservoir is empty.
  6. Add more cleaning solutions to the reservoir and choose “Lungo” to start a new cycle of running the machine.
  7. After emptying it, fill it with fresh water.
  8. To clean the machine, choose “Lungo.” Rinse your coffee machine twice to ensure it is clean and free of any descaling solution or mineral deposits.
  9. Press “Espresso” and “Lungo” for three seconds to get out of descaling mode.

White vinegar and water mixed 50/50 can be used in place of the manufacturer-recommended Nespresso Descaling Solution.

After using a vinegar solution for descaling, run water through the coffee maker at least three or four times.

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Tips on Cleaning a Krups Coffee Maker

Tip# 1:

Reading the manufacturer’s instructions carefully is the first thing you should do before cleaning your Krups coffee maker.

Please ensure you know the parts that require cleaning, how to clean them and the recommended cleaning solutions. Ensure you adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations to clean this coffee maker properly.

Tip# 2:

Sweep the chamber thoroughly with a moist cloth to remove any dust, loose grounds, or other debris that has settled inside.

If you see dirt along the corner of the chamber, use a soft brush to clean it. Clean the chamber well, even in places that are hard to reach.

Tip# 3:

After cleaning, fill the water reservoir of your Krups coffee maker halfway with white vinegar and finish filling it with clean water.

Put a paper filter within the basket to capture any pollutants and hard water deposits that may be present.

Tip# 4:

Start the coffee maker as you normally would, but use half the water and vinegar mixture instead. Brew for a minute, then turn the machine off.

If you want to use vinegar in your coffee maker, soak the solution in water for roughly an hour before using the machine.

Tip# 5:

Restarting your coffee maker will allow it to finish brewing the remaining water and vinegar mixture.

Tip# 6:

Before cleaning the coffee maker, replace the paper filter, refill the water chamber, and then wait for the entire cycle to finish. Give it another rinse if there is still a taste or smell of white vinegar in the water chamber.

Tip# 7:

The carafe’s interior can be cleaned with dish soap and warm water. When cleaning the outside of the carafe, don’t use something rough like a brush. Rather, switch to a sponge or other gentle fabric.

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How to clean your KRUPS coffee pod machine?

KRUPS pod coffee makers must be cleaned regularly and descaled like any other machine. However, each machine works differently. Your KRUPS coffee maker’s handbook includes comprehensive, detailed instructions for cleaning the brewer.

Why does your Krups Coffee Machine need regular cleaning?

Hard water stains, oil residue from brewing, and other pollutants typically accumulate in the coffee maker over time. If you don’t get rid of them, the coffee won’t taste like it used to, and you won’t like it.

Regular cleaning helps eliminate oil residues, residue from hard water, and other pollutants that can alter the flavor of your coffee.

At What Point Should You Descale Your Krups Coffee Maker?

Your Krups coffee maker’s “CLEAN” light means it has been descaled. Once a month, or every 20–40 brews, descale Krups coffee makers. This rule can be broken if your water is very hard or you often make coffee.

This is the case if your coffee maker brews for longer than normal, emits a lot of steam, pauses abruptly, or makes a strange noise when it’s done.

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How can a Krups coffee maker be cleaned without vinegar?

Baking soda solutions, like those made with lemon juice, are much simpler to remove from a coffee maker’s water tank. Add a quarter cup of baking soda to one cup of water.

Use your coffee maker to filter the solution. Run 3–5 cycles of water through the machine without coffee.

How should a Krups 5-cup coffee machine be cleaned?

Clean the coffee maker, cover, and filter basket using gentle soap and hot water. Don’t use soap on the permanent filter. You can repeatedly use it because it might leave a soapy taste.

It’s enough to rinse with hot water. It only requires that, along with periodic descaling, to function properly.

Can vinegar ruin a coffee machine?

Vinegar can harm the coffee maker’s interior components, particularly the rubber gaskets and seals. Additionally, it is quite challenging to rinse, and the espresso maker will continue to taste and smell like it for a long time.

Which is better for cleaning a coffee maker, vinegar or baking soda?

Baking soda is not a good choice for cleaning a coffee maker. Vinegar is a powerful cleaner that removes tough stains and smells. You can use it around kids and pets without worrying. Vinegar is the best if you need to clean the scale off your coffee maker.


Regular cleaning will prolong the life of your coffee maker. Specially formulated KRUPS descaling solution and vinegar are arguably similar in their cleaning power. However, the manufacturer’s Descaler is designed to keep its products in good condition.

Make sure you do no matter how to clean a Krups coffee maker. Regular cleaning keeps your Krups coffee machine in the best possible condition. Not only does this grant great durability, but it keeps your coffee-tasting barista fresh every time.

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