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How to Clean Ninja Coffee Maker

How To Clean Ninja Coffee Maker? Ultimate Guide

Proper cleaning and descaling are required for the Ninja Coffee Maker, as with all coffee machines. When the cleaning indication lights up, you may be wondering how to swiftly and efficiently clean the Ninja Coffee Bar.

What’s the good news, though? It cleans itself with the click of a button. Read on for step-by-step instructions to clean your Ninja Coffee Bar from the water container to the carafe.

What Is a Ninja Coffee Machine?

Ninja Coffee Machines include everything you need to make great coffee right at home.

Anyone may create a variety of sizes of filter coffee with varying brew strengths using the same equipment, from a large carafe to a strong 4-oz cup. The machine has a built-in milk frother for making foam from milk.

There are thermal and glass carafes available for the Ninja Coffee Machine and twin coffee makers. It’s much easier to create great pour-over coffee with the Ninja because it is a filter coffee maker rather than a K-cup brewer.

How to Clean Ninja Coffee Maker

Many people don’t realize how important it is to keep their coffee maker clean to produce great coffee. It’s also important to keep your machine running smoothly.

Suppose you don’t clean the machine regularly. In that case, the oils from the coffee and the minerals from the water will accumulate within and around the device, clogging its internal pipes and cutting off the water supply.

We have two types of cleaning to conduct. One is daily ‘after use’ cleaning. It’s easy and preserves your coffee to taste fresh.

The other cleaning is a ‘deep clean’ every two months. The deep clean removes oil and mineral buildup, keeping your machine running like new.

A cleaning solution is required for the thorough cleaning of any coffee maker. A descaler or vinegar can be used to clean either the Ninja Coffee Bar or the Keurig.

Let’s start with how to keep things clean every day and still taste delicious. Each time you use your machine, perform this quick and easy clean. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes, and it will be well worth the time spent.

Step 1 — Ensure that the Filter Basket is Clean.

Removing the filter basket from the Ninja after your coffee has brewing will allow you to dispose of or compost the spent coffee grounds.

Rinse the mesh filter completely after cleaning it with dish soap and water. Please pay close attention when rinsing because we don’t want any washing soap residue on the filter. Replacing the filter in the machine is simple.

Step 2 — Degrease the Ninja Coffee Machine

After that, we’ll clean the machine’s exterior using a soft cloth. For external cleaning, use a nonabrasive cloth dampened with warm water. Nothing more than coffee splashed on the device will be removed.

Step 3 — Clean the Carafe

The carafe must be thoroughly cleaned before you proceed to the next procedure. This can be cleaned in the same manner as a cup or glass. This problem can be solved with a simple rinse in warm, soapy water.

Use Vinegar to Clean the Ninja Coffee Maker Deeply

A few months into purchasing your Ninja, you’ll notice that the cleaning light is now on.

There has been a buildup of minerals and oils, as the machine has identified this. Use vinegar and water to clean your Ninja Coffee Bar thoroughly, and then enjoy it as new.

Step 1 — Prepare the Equipment

The water tank, coffee carafe, and coffee basket should be clean and empty before you use them.

Step 2 — Pour in the Vinegar

Fill the container to the maximum waterline with fresh water, then add plain white vinegar until the travel mug indicator line appears.

Put the Ninja’s water tank back together and bolt it down. The carafe should be placed under the coffee spigot.

Step 3 — Start the Cleaning Process

To make things look better, click the “Clean” option. The cleaning process will then commence. Press the clean button again after about a minute to stop the cleaning cycle.

We drained the reservoir of water and pumped it into the machine’s pipes. Thus, all that awful buildup will be dissolved by vinegar. The device will be idle for 30 minutes from now on.

Step 4 — Finish the Cleaning Cycle

Repeat pressing the clean button on the device once 30 minutes have passed since the last time you used it. The cleaning process will be restarted and finished as a result.

Step 5 — Rinse

There are now two rinse cycles left to complete the cleaning process. The water tank, carafe, and mesh filter basket should be removed and properly washed before reassembling.

Put the filter basket back in the machine, fill the water tank with fresh water, and put the device back together.

Fill the filter basket with clean water. The clean button should be pressed, and the Ninja should be allowed to go through the cycle without being disturbed.

Step 6 — Rinse Round Two

Remove the carafe’s rinse water and discard it. Conduct the clean cycle once more after refilling the water tank. Your Ninja Coffee Bar is ready to go when you discard this water.

How to Use a Descaling Solution to Clean the Ninja Coffee Bar

Clean your Ninja Coffee Maker using a descaling solution next. There is a slew of options available on Amazon and at your local supermarket.

Descaling solutions and vinegar have a lot in common when it comes to equipment cleaning. Only the solution-to-water ratio will be different. Descaling solutions typically come with directions for use.

Step 1 — Prepare the Ninja

Do not use it if something is dirty or in the way of the water flow.

Step 2 — Add the Descaling Solution

The solution’s bottle or packet should include directions on it; follow those instructions closely.

Fill the water tank with the required amount of water. Please do not overfill to the point of overflowing the container. The carafe should be placed under the coffee spigot.

Step 3 — Start the Clean Cycle

Hit the Ninja’s clean button. Press clean again when the machine has started its cleaning cycle and is about 1 minute old. Let the machine finish its cleaning cycle. That’ll put a halt to the cleaning process for the time being.

When the cleaning cycle starts, some chemicals will be sucked into the machine’s internal pipes. For the next 30 minutes, we’ll leave the Ninja here. This will give the cleaning solution ample time to clean the area thoroughly.

Step 4 — Keep the Cleaning Cycle Going

Back to the machine 30 minutes later and clean the machine. As long as the clean cycle runs, the descaling solution will be sucked through the machine and collected in the carafe.

Step 5 — Start the Rinse Cycle

Once the cleaning procedure is complete, remove the carafe and rinse it, the water tank, and the filter basket thoroughly under running water.

Step 6 — Rinse Cycle

Reinstall the carafe and filter basket under the coffee outlet. Ensure that the water tank is full of fresh, potable water.

Once more, press the “Clean” button. Allow the process to complete this time. Remove the carafe’s rinse water and discard it.

This rinsing procedure will be repeated two times. The cleaning solution will be completely removed, and your Ninja Brew Bar will be spotless!

Cleaning a Ninja Coffee Bar Regularly

Rinsing your Coffee Bar regularly will help maintain it clean and functional. Rinse the filter holder and carafe after each use, as well as the permanent filter.

Making things simpler for yourself by not leaving brewed coffee in the carafe for too long will save you time scrubbing. If you accidentally spill something on the heating pad, wait for it to cool down before wiping it off.

You should wash your carafe with soap and water if you observe any coffee residue. You should generally use a soft bottle brush or sponge to clean your glass carafe to avoid scratching it.

One can be purchased through Ninja or the grocery shop. If you have a dishwasher, you may also wash the carafe on the top shelf.

Wipe the machine’s outside if you’d like. Dust and stains can be removed with a moist paper towel or cloth. The warming plate, a more fragile part of the machine, should be handled with care.

Ninja Coffee Bar Cleaning Instructions

> Do not use the Ninja Coffee Bar water or coffee grounds again

> Fill the reservoir with water and add about a travel mug’s worth of vinegar. (Purified, Distilled, or Filtered)

> Let it run for about a minute after pressing the “CLEAN” button. Once more, press the “CLEAN” button to put the machine on hold.

> Set the timer for 30 to 60 minutes.

> Continue to press the “CLEAN” button and let it run its course. (This will take between 5-8 minutes.)

> Remove vinegar/water mixture from the carafe and use a scrub brush to lightly clean the carafe, mesh basket, and water reservoir.

> Refill the reservoir with water and press the “CLEAN” button a second time, allowing the machine to complete the cleaning cycle without pausing. for 5-8 minutes

> The carafe and reservoir should be thoroughly cleaned before use.

> Remember to clean the “plate” that sits above the coffee maker, where the coffee pours out, and above the pitcher when you’re done.

> Remember to clean the “plate” that sits above the coffee maker, where the coffee pours out, and above the pitcher when you’re done.

FAQ About Cleaning the Ninja Coffee Bar

When cleaning my Ninja coffee maker, how much vinegar should I use?

The indicator strip on the water tank of the Ninja Coffee Bar travel mug might help us use the appropriate quantity of vinegar to descale it.

The vinegar needed to fill the water tank to the travel mug marker is around 16 ounces. After that, add water until the container is full and you’re ready to begin cleaning. 

Is it possible to clean and descale my coffee machine with just lemon juice?

Even while some individuals prefer to wash their coffee maker with lemon juice, it’s not recommended for one major reason.

Lemons have a high acidity on the tongue, but lemon juice does not have enough acidity to descale. Because of this, it cannot completely remove all of the particles from the system when descaling.

What is it about my Ninja coffee bar that causes the clean light to go on constantly?

This implies you should clean your Ninja. If you follow the steps above and soak for 30 minutes, the clean signal should disappear.

If not, repeat the instructions. It may take two or three cleanings using a descaling chemical to eliminate mineral buildup from new coffee makers thoroughly.

What is the recommended frequency of cleaning your Ninja coffee bar?

After each use, the machine should be cleaned thoroughly. Sometimes every two months, or when the clean light flashes, whichever comes first, do a deep clean that includes descaling.

What is the best way to tell when the Ninja bar has to be cleaned?

When it’s time to clean the Ninja Coffee Bar, a helpful feature lets you know. It’s time to do a thorough clean when the ‘clean’ button becomes lighted.

Is the Ninja Coffee Bar safe to put in the dishwasher?

Dishwasher safe only on the top rack for removable coffee machine elements such as the glass carafe and water tank. Because of this, you must manually wash the thermal carafe and brew basket if using a dishwasher.

Is it necessary to descale your Ninja Coffee Bar regularly?

Once every two months is a reasonable rule of thumb for descaling your machine. The ‘clean’ button will not turn red until you press it immediately. If the ‘clean’ light comes up earlier than two months, you should clean more frequently.

How to clean the individual components of the Ninja Coffee Bar?

Dish soap and water can be used to wash the water tank and other removable plastic parts by hand, or the top rack of the dishwasher can be used. We recommend hand washing the filter basket and thermal carafe.


Decent coffee, clean water, and clean boiling equipment are all you need to make great coffee. Maintaining a clean coffee maker will ensure that you get exactly what you spent throughout the machine’s lifetime if you buy a nice coffee maker and high-quality coffee to use in it.

It’s not hard to keep your Ninja Coffee Bar clean. You only need some time, vinegar, and a descaling solvent to get started. Once you’ve cleaned your machine, you’ll notice the difference.

You’ll enjoy better-tasting coffee, a longer machine lifespan, and an end to the annoyance of the clean light appearing.

White vinegar is great for spot cleaning. You’ll need to use the descaling liquid regularly (every three months or so).

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