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How to Use a French Press Coffee Maker?

How to Use a French Press Coffee Maker

Use a French press to get the most out of your coffee beans, whether you’re an experienced coffee drinker or a novice. Because this cylindrical pot has a manual operation, it might not be easy to learn right away, mainly if you’ve always used an espresso maker that has a button you press.

90% of people don’t use the French press correctly. Crazy, since it’s one of the world’s most popular ways to make coffee. You can make great coffee by following simple rules.

There are many important things to do if you want to get the best results. Probably have found out how to use a French press coffee maker the proper way so you can make the best cup of coffee every morning.

How to Use a French Press

To begin, check your water-to-coffee ratio. For every 16 fluid ounces of water, experts recommend using one ounce of ground coffee (about two generous tablespoons).

Check the water temperature to ensure it’s at least 200 degrees Fahrenheit. In the absence of a food thermometer, bring water to a simmer and allow it to cool for at least two or three minutes before checking the temperature with a thermometer. However, experts strongly recommend that you get a thermometer.

Pour 200°F water into the press and slowly add the ground coffee before turning the press on with the plunger fully elevated. Now, we’ll have to wait.

The recommended brew time for French press coffee is four minutes, but you may get acceptable extraction in just two minutes, primarily if you use more coffee than water.

The drink will become harsh and astringent if you steep the grounds for more than twelve minutes. Add extra grounds for more robust coffee (or make espresso with these excellent machines).

Finally, when those four minutes have passed, carefully and steadily lower the plunger. If you shudder the plunger’s handle when pouring out your coffee, grounds may get through the screen and into your coffee; it would be a shame to destroy the brew only seconds before you enjoy it!

How to Use a French Press Coffee Maker

Step 1

The bottom of the carafe should be filled with two large spoonfuls of coarse ground coffee. For added convenience, you can use a dedicated coffee scoop. You’ll likely have to tweak the proportions to fit your preferences.

Step 2

Pour approximately 16 ounces of hot but not boiling water into the pot. Keep in mind that the temperature threshold of 200 degrees Fahrenheit produces the most pleasing results.

Step 3

After one minute, gently whisk the mixture to combine the flavors.

Step 4

Place the cover on the container and let the mixture steep for three minutes.

Step 5

Slowly lower the plunger to the bottom of the carafe, allowing the ground beans to settle to the bottom.

Step 6

While holding the plunger in the “down” position, quickly pour your brewed coffee into cups and serve immediately.

Each time you use your French press, you should clean the carafe to remove any coffee residue or oils. Make sure you don’t overlook the smaller particles that have been filtered away. You don’t want your next cup of coffee to have a bitter taste from the coffee deposits.

The manufacturer’s guidelines should be followed, as some coffee presses are not dishwasher safe. Gentle cleaning with a light cleanser and letting it air dry is safe and delivers excellent results for cleaning your French press coffee maker.

Choose The Right French Press

Using a cheap, flimsy press pot to prepare your coffee will make it challenging to achieve exceptional results. A cheap alternative is attractive, but will it be valuable when you have to buy a new one every six or nine months?

Sizes between 4 and 8 cups are typical. Just keep in mind that a “cup” of coffee is smaller than a standard mug. Many businesses consider the scant 4 ounces contained in a regular cup.

As a general rule, you can choose from a variety of tiny, medium, large, and metallic options:

You’ve heard about the ever so renowned Bodum Chambord – an iconic-looking object made in three distinct sizes: 3, 8, and 12 cups. Glass beakers with stainless-steel bases and handles are the most common choice. The two smaller choices even offer an indestructible beaker option!

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