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How to get Coffee Stains out of Carpet

How To Get Coffee Stains out of Carpet?

There will be coffee spills if you are a morning coffee devotee. You’ll be left with an unattractive, sometimes sticky stain on your favorite carpet from your accidental coffee mishap.

If you have a coffee spill on your carpet, blot it up with a washcloth while it’s still wet. Then, if there is any remaining discoloration, clean it up.

You may have to delay cleaning the stain due to your busy schedule. Follow these ten steps if you spilled your coffee on your carpet last week and are now wondering how to get rid of the coffee stain from your carpet.

10 Steps on How to get Coffee out of Carpet

  • Blot the stain
  • Use a Wet Vacuum
  • Use a Stain Remover  
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • White vinegar and liquid dish soap
  • Peroxide and Iron
  • Baking soda
  • Lemon juice and liquid dish soap
  • Rinse with cold water
  • Baking soda and detergent

Step 1: Blot the Stain

When it comes to removing the stain, speed is critical. Blot the coffee using a white cloth, working your way from the edges to the center of the spot to keep it from spreading.

Avoid rubbing the carpet as this may cause the liquid to become stuck in the fibers. Take cold water to saturate the stain and then dab it again to reduce it.

Step 2: Use a Wet Vacuum

Attempting to remove the discoloration with only a rinse in a cleaning solution won’t do the trick. Saturate the stain completely with a cleaning solution before moving on.

Allow it to sit on the blot for 10 minutes before removing it with a wet/dry vacuum on the wet mode. Repeat as necessary to remove the stain.

Step 3: Use a Stain Remover

Once the water has served its purpose, use a stain remover to finish the job. If you’ve never used the product before, be careful to conduct a patch test before using it on your skin.

Make sure you adhere to the label’s instructions. Spray the stain sparingly; don’t use too much product. If your vacuum cleaner gets caught in your carpet, it will collect dirt and make your rug look dirty.

After rinsing it off with water, pat it dry with a towel. This process should be repeated several times until the item has been consumed.

Step 4: Hydrogen Peroxide

Even after several attempts, you may still need to use a cleaning solution. In a small bowl, combine 1 glass of hydrogen peroxide with half a teaspoon of dish soap. Use a mop or light-colored towel to apply the cleaning solution to the stain.

Spend five to ten minutes, letting the solution settle on the stain. Using a clean towel or tissue towel, wipe away the coffee and cleansing solution with a clean cloth a few minutes later.

Because hydrogen peroxide discolors carpets, most of them feature a solution dye. Before treating the stain, test a little inconspicuous area if you’re unsure.


Step 5: White Vinegar and Liquid Dish Soap

White vinegar is a well-known stain remover. Use 1 tablespoon white vinegar, 1 tablespoon fluid dish soap, and 2 cups warm water to wash a coffee stain in a spray bottle. Shake the bottle well to combine all ingredients.

Then, a little at a time, apply the solution to the stained area with a spray bottle. Blot the carpet lightly with a dry cloth until the stain is gone. Last but not least, wet an old sponge and allow the rug to dry completely.

Step 6: Peroxide and Iron

You’ll want to proceed with caution and use a very wet towel for this one. To avoid melting your carpet, use a moderate iron setting. Here are the carpet cleaning instructions you need to know.

  • Blot the spot.
  • Combine an equal amount of water and peroxide in a spray container.
  • Apply a stain remover by spritzing it on the stain.
  • To remove the stain, moisten a towel and place it on top of it.
  • Iron the towel for 15 to 20 seconds with a hot iron.
  • Turn off the heat and inspect the stain by lifting the towel.
  • Repeat steps 2-5 until the spot is removed.

Test the peroxide acid on a small area before using it on a larger carpet to ensure it won’t fade the color or damage the fibers.

Step 7: Baking Soda

Coffee spills on carpet can be cleaned up with a solution of three parts water to one part baking soda. Please wait for it to dry completely before vacuuming it up. Repeat if necessary if the stain remains present.

Step 8: Lemon Juice and Liquid Dish Soap

Lemon juice can remove stains and lighten dark areas. Fluid cleansers and stain cleaners are popular cleaning products for eliminating coffee stains, and lemon juice is often used in combination.

You can get rid of a coffee stain quickly by mixing the two ingredients.

Step 9: Rinse with Cold Water

Using cold water, dab up any remaining liquid before rinsing with warm water to ensure the stain has been removed. Allow the carpet to air dry naturally, and avoid rubbing it as much as possible.

Step 10: Baking Soda and Detergent

You may get rid of coffee stains by mixing baking soda with detergent. They perform best when applied as soon as the coffee stain becomes moist. To begin, use a light detergent to clear the spot gently. After that, use a spray bottle to apply a tiny quantity of water and paper towels to dry it.

Sprinkle baking soda over the wet area and allow it to dry completely. During this time, the powder will absorb the liquid and stain. Vacuum the carpet one last time to remove any remaining powder. Your carpet’s moist coffee stain should have been cleaned up by now.

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How to Get Old Coffee Stains out of Carpet?

Coffee stains that have been there for a while are rather more difficult to remove than new ones. You’ll need the following items to complete this task:

Step 1: Dampen the Stain

It would be best if you softened the stain before you began. Take a small amount of water and squirt it on the messes. To loosen the coffee, leave it for five minutes.

After that, take a fresh cloth and start soaking up the liquid. When you see coffee smearing the towel, keep dabbing until you get rid of it.

Suppose the stain remains; repeat steps three and four from the guide above. If that’s the case, you’ll probably want something a little stronger.

Step 2: Dishwashing Detergent Solution (for Woolen Carpets)

Using a moderate dishwashing detergent and water solution on a wool or wool-blend carpet may work. Pour one cup of water over three drops of dish soap. Soak a cloth in the mixture, and then begin sponging the affected area.

Blot in a circular motion from the edges toward the center of the area to be treated. Wait around five minutes before squeezing out the liquid with a fresh cloth.

Step 3: Ammonia Solution (for Non-Woolen Carpets)

An ammonia solution will work on carpets that aren’t 100% wool or a woolen blend. One teaspoon of ammonia and one cup of water are combined in this process.

Do a patch test on a hidden area of your carpet. Because not all materials react well to ammonia, you’ll want to conduct a patch test beforehand to ensure you won’t ruin your carpet. Wait 20 minutes after applying a small quantity in your testing region before continuing if no effect is seen.

Take a cloth and immerse it in the ammonia solution for the treatment. Gently blot to remove any remaining stain. Allow 3 to 5 minutes for it to do its thing.

Afterward, get two fresh towels, one dry, the other damp. Blot with the dry towel, then the wet one, alternating between the two. The solution should be rinsed away after you’ve done this.

Step 4: Dry and Finish

Use a fresh, dry towel once the detergent or ammonia solution has been used up. Continue blotting the area until it’s nearly dry by dabbing a cloth over the affected area. You may need more than one cloth.

Once you’re done, let the carpet air dry completely before walking on it again. You could also use a wet vacuum if you have one.

Fresh Coffee Stains vs. Old Coffee Stains

Depending on how long coffee stains have been on your carpet, your best cleaning option for removing them may be different. Simple procedures can be used to remove a fresh coffee stain. The old one, on the other hand, necessitates additional cleaning with various agents.

1. Cleaning a Fresh Coffee Stain

To remove a fresh coffee stain, dab it with a clean cloth. Until the carpet dries, use the material to press as much of the spilled coffee as possible. After that, use a spray bottle to apply a few drops of cold water to the area. Continue blotting the stain with a fresh cloth until it disappears.

If the stain is apparent, use some industrial carpet stain remover or a good amount of detergent to finish the cleaning process.

2. Removing Old Coffee Stain

Water and salt are the simplest approaches to remove an old coffee stain from the carpet. First, spritz a little water on the discoloration. Then sprinkle it with salt and let it sit for a while. Salt may absorb both old stains and water, leaving your carpet pristine.

If the coffee stain is difficult to remove or has lasted for an extended period, use an ammonia solution. A spoon full of ammonia in a cup of water will make the solution, so dilute it before using it.

Use a clean cloth to wipe the solution onto the stained area gently. Wait between three and five minutes before continuing. The dirt and ammonia solution can then be removed with a damp towel. Blot the carpet dry after the stain has disappeared.

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Best Way to Deal with Recurring Coffee Stain

If a coffee stain on the carpet reappears after cleaning it, repeat the coffee stain removal methods. Clean the carpet with soapy water. Also, leave a clean towel on top with something heavy overnight.

Thus, you will be able to remove the coffee stain from the fabric that has penetrated deeper with time. Use an electric fan to speed up and finish drying the carpet after this step is complete.

Spilled coffee on the carpet is no longer an issue once you learn how to erase coffee stains from the carpet. Remember that, like any other stain, a coffee stain on the rug should be cleaned immediately to avoid further staining. So, the blot doesn’t damage your carpet.

Are Coffee Stains Permanent?

When a black stain appears on a gorgeous carpet, it may seem like the entire thing has been ruined. Instead, we’d like to make the case that this isn’t the case when it comes to coffee stains.

It’s true that they can be difficult to remove and that they may entail a lot of extra elbow grease and quick thinking, but we are convinced that you will be able to pull that hideous stain from your carpet.

Best Way to Remove Coffee Stains from various types of Carpets

Car Carpet

A moist towel may be sufficient to remove fresh stains from the automobile carpet. Dishwasher and water will work wonders on tougher stains. To remove the stain, moisten a kitchen towel with the solution and dab the affected area several times.

Dark Carpet

You can use the cleaning methods indicated above to remove coffee stains from dark carpets as well!

Light Carpet

Create a solution of white vinegar, liquid dishwasher, and water for light-colored carpets. Wet a white cloth and apply the cleaning solution to the spot. Gently rinse the area until the stain is gone.

Using a clean, water-dampened towel, gently clean the surface and allow to air dry. Baking soda can be used as a final step to help absorb any remaining moisture. Once you’ve given it a 5-minute rest, vacuum it up and discard it.

Most effective Natural Stain Removal Solutions

Baking Soda:

Baking soda is a great carpet cleaner since it removes coffee stains quickly and effectively. Using it keeps the stain from setting in the fibers by absorbing excess moisture from them.

Lemon/ Vinegar:

The simplest homemade cleaning solution you’ll ever find is a vinegar-and-dish soap solution. To get rid of old and tough coffee stains quickly, use some lemon juice with a household cleanser.


This mineral has numerous hydrating qualities, including the ability to dehydrate. By this, we mean that when new coffee stains are dusted with salt, salt helps erase coffee stains by lifting away water molecules.

Remember, all you need to remove coffee stains from the carpet is the correct tools, cleaners, and a healthy amount of persistence. Even if you have to clean up the area several times, the stain will fade with each clean. Don’t give up, and your carpet will be like new in no time.


It’s aggravating when you accidentally spill coffee on the carpet. It’s a difficult stain to remove since if you use the wrong method, it will only get worse. Knowing how to remove coffee stains from the carpet is essential if you want the best results possible.

Most of the time, removing coffee stains from the carpet is as simple as using some elbow grease and moving quickly. Only if you have organic carpet should you take any additional care. Dish detergent, for example, works best and costs the least because it is mildly chemically based.

Fortunately, once you’ve learned the fundamentals, it’s a piece of cake. Before diluting it with water, be sure to extract as much as possible. Let the carpet dry completely before using a stain remover and finishing with a rinse.

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